Bongo Home Alone

The Misadventures of Bongo

Bongo Home Alone

Bongo Home Alone

In 1994, I created Bongo to illustrate the various situations dog owners and dogs get into and how to get out of them the best possible way. My objective was to explain and illustrate that many dog problems (maybe most) were the result of misunderstandings between us and them and that if we spoke a better “Doguese,” we could certainly avoid the worst troubles. I paired up with Henriette Westh, a brilliant Danish illustrator, and she gave Bongo more than a form; she gave him a character of his own as well.

Bongo is a nice, friendly and naughty English Cocker Spaniel (orange roan, the original drawings were in color) with his own mind. He’s a good dog and loves his family very much, but he gets often in trouble, mostly because of misunderstandings as you can see in “Bongo Home Alone.”

“Bongo Home Alone” was first published in 1994 in my book “Hunden, ulven ved din side”. The book was coincidentally edited by none other than Henriette’s brother, Poul Henrik Westh, for Borgen Publishers. The book never appeared in English, but Bongo did.

Enjoy this bit of history and nostalgia and have a good laugh!


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8 comments on “Bongo Home Alone

  1. Bongo is reminding me of your photoes in your pamphlet from 1986 called “Hund og barn” (Dog and Child). A little boy ( your son?) is carrying a Bongo-puppy by its frontlegs. The boy is instructed not to do so, and the logical result on the next picture is that the boy carries the dog by its hindlegs.These pictures still makes me laugh. And somehow by watching “Bongo home alone” they popped up in my mind again. Thanks for the laughs.

  2. Hi Kim and Hanne,

    Thanks. I may revive Bongo if I can find Henriette, the artist that illustrated his “misadventures.” As to “Dog And Child,” the little book that never appeared in English, it will be published here soon as an e-book. It will be a slightly edited copy of the original including pictures.

    Have a great day,


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