Recommended Books

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Some of my blogs are based on life experience, travels, adventures, accidental encounters, cultural exploits and personal deliberation. Others are based on extensive scientific research. For the latter, I use articles, papers, journals, movies, notes, personal communication and books.

I’ve been reading books since I learned to read at around five years of age. Since then, besides being an avid reader (I read nine languages), I’ve been collecting books as well; I tend to form a very personal relationship with the books I read and I couldn’t think of parting with them. My home is where my books are. Many of them, I’ve read more than once.

To give you all the titles in my personal library would be extremely time consuming and beyond purpose. I have chosen, therefore, to share with you a few of the titles that I think will interest you because they have helped me to form the professional opinion that I express in the blogs and articles you’ve been reading on this site. Inevitably, they have also had an impact on my personal stance on life, the two being interconnected in more than one way.

Here are the works, which I chose to share with you and recommend for your further reading. I hope you’ll find them as great an inspiration as I did and that they may serve you as well as they have served me.

Enjoy your reading,


Recommended books

6 comments on “Recommended Books

  1. we cold put all our books together and open a library in animal behaviour and welfare in Portugal and call it the Pinto-Abrantes Library 🙂

  2. Awesome list of wonderful books! I have some of these books and I really enjoy reading them, over and over again! (ha including the two at the top of this list!) Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful list of books! I think I will have to share this post with everyone I know! A fabulous teacher just keeps on teaching!

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