Hello World!

Welcome to my site on WordPress.com. I will be blogging regularly about life, evolution, biology, animal behavior, traveling, and much more.

Please, feel free to comment and add your own thoughts. This is the spot where variation is welcome and freedom of speech allowed, where all questions are pertinent and all shall respect and be respected independently of their opinion.

“Plus ratio quam vis” (Let reason prevail over force). This is the spot for the critical and inquisitive mind, where we wonder and ponder,

This is the spot where by sharing we help one another to be a bit less ignorant and a bit happier. As I strive at being a little less ignorant every day, I regularly update my blogs following new discoveries, new insight.

This is the spot for all lovers of life.

Let us be open-minded and remember that mostly we see what we are thinking and feeling, seldom what we are looking at.

Let us respect all life independently of species and race and remember that respect for others begins with self-respect.

Keep smiling, life is great!

Roger Abrantes

3 comments on “Hello World!

  1. I was very pleased to find your blog through P. Burns (Terrierman) blog. Many years ago I went to a seminar at the Marin H.S. and listened to you speak about Dog Language and was very happy to learn so many new and interesting things about dogs and people. Your shared knowledge has helped me better understand and appreciate my “family” of 10 dogs and made it possible for us to have a fairly harmonious coexistence.
    Thanks for your blog and all the info.

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