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Dear reader,

Education is my goal and I’m glad that my blogs/articles in English are read almost all over the World, but I’d like to know if translations into the languages spoken by most of my readers would help them significantly. If so, I’ll take the necessary measures to offer translations into the necessary languages in the near future. I’d appreciate if you had the time to express your opinion in this poll. To obtain statistically significant results we need numbers—the more votes, the better.

I’ve only included a limited number of languages in this poll out of statistical considerations. If your language is not included, it is not out of disrespect. In some cases this is due to the fact that in some countries (e.g. Netherlands and Scandinavia) almost everyone speaks English as their second language. Please, feel free to suggest translations into other languages if you find it necessary and relevant.

Thank you for your help.


7 comments on “Other languages

  1. I understand the most of it, but in Danish would have been nice. But sure not to many people who understand that. So English is ok for me.

  2. English is OK for me but I’m a native French speaker and I would be very pleased to help you with the translation of some of your texts. I was precisely going to suggest to translate the list of 16 things to make you and your dog happier as I think it should be spread as widely as possible. Kind regards.

    • Hi Muze,

      French (unfortunately) didn’t come up as a top language for my blogs to be translated into, but sooner or later we’ll have translations in more languages.

      Keep in touch,


  3. Hi Roger,
    I’m writing on behalf of BorderCollie Magazine, a Spanish online magazine which is free (http://www.bcmag.es/). I would like to know if it would be possible to translate one of your articles into Spanish and publish it, and you would be able to keep the translation.
    It would make us very happy to contribute in this way to sharing your thoughts in the Spanish language.
    Isabel Ferrer

  4. Dr. Abrantes, spanish language would be a great alternative, not only because of spanish talkers, but also there’s a lot of your followers (as me) whom would like to have a spanish version of your blog. Best regards.

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