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Spanish FlagEl Último Paseo (children, dogs, cultures) 2013.11.03


Chinese Flag為了讓你跟狗狗可以快樂地在一起 “16件別再這麼做的事情  (animals, behavior, dogs) 2013.03.26


I’m a Citizen of the World (cultures, languages) 2013.03.11

French FlagLes 20 principes que tous les entraîneurs d’animaux doivent connaître (animal learning, behavior, dog training) 2013.03.08

Portuguese FlagOs 20 Princípios que todos os treinadores de animais devem conhecer (animal learning, behavior, dog training) 2013.03.05

Spanish Flag

Dominancia: dar sentido a lo que no lo tiene (aggression, behavior, biology, dogs, dominance, fear, genetics, hierarchy, submission, social, wolf) 2013.03.02

Italian FlagE così vorresti diventare un buon educatore cinofilo! (behavior, dog training, guinea pig) 2013.02.28

So you want to be a good dog trainer! (animal learning, behavior, cat, dog training, guinea pig, horse training) 2013.02.12

The 20 Principles All Animal Trainers Must Know (animal learning, behavior, dog training) 2013.02.04

Spanish FlagGuinea Pig Camps, los talleres de entrenamiento con cobayas (behavior, dog training, guinea pig) 2013.01.03

Portuguese FlagCampo de treino de porquinhos da Índia (behavior, dog training, guinea pig) 2013.01.03

Italian FlagGuinea Pig Camp—migliora le tue capacità di addestratore di animali (behavior, dog training, guinea pig) 2013.01.01

French FlagLes Ateliers Educa A Chons—atelier d’éthologie appliquée (behavior, dog training, guinea pig) 2012.12.31

Guinea Pig Camp (behavior, dog training, guinea pig) 2012.12.28

Dog Training–Let Reason Prevail Over Force! (animal, behavior, dogs, evolution) 2012.09.10

The Mathematician Rat—An Evolutionary Explanation (animals, behavior, evolution, learning) 2012.09.03

Spanish Flag16 cosas que debería dejar de hacer para tener una vida más feliz con tu perro (animals, behavior, dogs) 2012.08.13

16 Things You Should Stop Doing In Order To Be Happy With Your Dog (animals, behavior, dogs) 2012.08.01

The 20 Principles of Genes, Environment and Breeding (breeding, dogs, evolution, genetics) 2012.07.17

The Thai Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (children, dogs, cultures) 2012.07.09

Canine Ethogram—Social and Agonistic Behavior (animals, behavior, dogs, evolution) 2012.06.29

The Final Walk (children, dogs, cultures) 2012.06.27

Pacifying Behavior—Origin, Function and Evolution (aggression, dogs, dominance, evolution, pacifying, submission) 2012.06.06

Handler Beliefs Do Not Affect Police Dog Detection Outcomes (dogs, dog training, learning, police dogs) 2012.05.22

Odie The Pekinese: Awaiting On Death Row (dogs, dog training) 2012.05.17

Muzzle Grab Behavior in Canids (dogs, wolf, behavior) 2012.04.25

Dogs And Children (animals, children, dogs) 2012.04.16

A Dog’s Self-Respect (dogs, reinforcement, training) 2012.03.31

Life’s All About Food And Sex (animals, behavior, biology, sex) 2012.03.17

Bongo Home Alone (animals, dogs) 2012.03.03

Should We Reinforce the Effort or the Results? (behavior, dogs, reinforcement, training) 2012.02.05

Dominance—Making Sense of the Nonsense (aggression, behavior, biology, dogs, dominance, fear, genetics, hierarchy, submission, social, wolf) 2011.12.11

The Magic Words “Yes’ And ‘No’ (dogs, language, punishment, SMAF, training) 2011.11.27

Abrantes or Dunbar—Who’s the Best? (Abrantes, dogs, Dunbar, training, 8-ball) 2011.11.21

The First Ten Skills You Should Teach Your Puppy (dogs, learning, puppies, training) 2011.11.09

SMAF Manual (behavior, dogs, language, learning, training) 2011.10.22

Dog Training: Signals, Cues, Commands, Obedience and Punishment (command, cue, dog, punishment, signal, training) 2011.10.22

Signal and Cue—What is the Difference? (behavior, cue, dog, signal, training) 2011.10.07

Commands or Signals, Corrections or Punishers, Praise or Reinforcers (behavior, command, dog, punishment, reinforcement, signal, training) 2011.10.03

Unveiling the Myth of Reinforcers and Punishers (behavior, behavior modification, operant conditioning, punishment, reinforcement) 2011.09.21

The Spectrum of Behavior (aggression, behavior, dominance, fear, submission) 2011.09.09

Teach Your Dog to Be Home Alone in Five Steps (behavior, fear, home alone, training) 2011.09.06

Magical Formula (behavior, evolution) 2011.09.04

Do Animals Have Feelings? (animals, anthropomorphism, Darwin, dogs, emotion) 2011.08.29

The Wolf Within—The Truth About Why We Fear the Wolf (dog, fear, extermination religion, wolf) 2011.08.22

The Paper Book is Dead, Long Live the E-book! (book, e-book, iPad) 2011.08.18

Facebook Censorship? (censorship, Facebook, freedom of speech) 2011.08.08

Wolves in France—The Hunt Is On (extermination, France, sheep, wolf) 2011.07.28

Planet Earth has no Immune Response to Viral Attack (agriculture, earth, ecosystem, extinction, industrial revolution) 2011.07.27

A Newborn is Perfect and You are a Survivor (brain, child, dog, life, parents) 2011.07.26

Why Do We Have Dogs? (dogs, dog owner, relationship, training) 2011.07.26

5 comments on “All My Blogs

  1. I am looking for your research information on left gaze bias. You spoke at NARNIA last year and this still fascinates me and I am looking to share that information. Do you have a link to that research? THANK YOU!

  2. Olá amigo Roger, fantástica foto com esse cão Lobo, impressionante animal! Evidente que eu não me aproximava dele, Abraço…

  3. Olá Jorge,

    Não e um cão lobo, é mesmo um lobo (Canis lupus lupus). A foto foi tirada por Monty Sloan no Wolf Park em Indiana.

    It’s not a wolf hybrid on the photo, it’a a real wolf (Canis lupus lupus). The photo was taken by Monty Sloan at the Wolf Park in Indiana.


  4. bonjour
    j ai pu suivre les séminaires avec les cochons d’inde ainsi que le dernier intitulé “les 20 principes que tous entraîneurs d animaux doivent connaître” en France, que vous veniez jusqu’à nous pour partager tout votre savoir , le tout transmit dans la bonne humeur.
    ces séminaires sont gratifiants à tout niveau alors merci encore et à très bientot pour le prochain, attendu avec impatience

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