Why do We have Dogs?

We wanna go for a walk !

Image by ZedZAP via Flickr

We all have dogs because it pleases us and we feel good about having them. One way or another, dog ownership satisfies one or more of our specific needs. The problem is when we don’t realize it or don’t want to admit it. When we do, we are grateful, we know that we are in debt to them and we want to pay them back (or forward), preferably with dividends. When we don’t, we fall into a series of pseudo explanations, easy interpretations, knee-jerk solutions—and that’s abuse.

I have a deep respect for all life independently of species and race. It appears to me that the dog/owner relationship, in this one aspect, should not be much different from any other relationship, be it with a spouse, a lover, a friend, a parent, a child. We should be content with what we get and not ask for what we can’t get. We should never take any relationship for granted. Every new day should be one more day we should feel privileged to share with that particular living being.

At least, that’s how I see it.

Have a great day!


11 comments on “Why do We have Dogs?

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